Muzikál Dracula

The original Czech musical Dracula ran for three years (1995-1998) in the Prague Congress Centre. The world premiere was staged in Prague on October 13th, 1995. During that time period over one million visitors have seen the Prague performance, which is an extraordinary commercial success considering that the entire population of the Czech Republic is ten million people. Dracula is the most successful original Czech musical in the history of the country.

Soon after the great success of Dracula in Prague, the musical was staged in its original Czech version in Slovakia - in Bratislava in Autumn 1998 and Spring 1999, and in Pre‰ov from September to December 1999 and in Spring 2000. In Spring 2003, the musical Dracula was performed in Prague again.

In Autumn 1998 and Summer 2000, Dracula was performed in Seoul, Korea, in the National Theatre and the State Opera, in a Korean translation (in the original „Prague version“ directed by Jozef Bednárik).

In Spring 2002 the musical was performed in Russian in Moscow (original Prague version directed by Jozef Bednárik).

The Polish version of the musical Dracula was staged in Teatr Muzyczny in Gdynia on April 16, 2004 (directed by Maciej Korwin).

Dr. Michael Kunze (author of the lyrics of the musical Dance of the Vampires, directed by Roman Polanski) is the author of the German version of Dracula. In 2003, our company began negotiations with the German producers for the performances in Switzerland and Germany. The result of our negotiation was the premiere of Dracula in the Basle Theatre in Switzerland on April 30, 2004 (directed by Maciej Korwin) and on July 31, 2004 in Tecklenburg in Germany (directed by Dean Welterlen, with Ethan Freeman as Dracula).

November 3rd, 2005 was the date of the premiere of the musical Dracula in the Dutch version in Antwerpen in Belgium, directed by Frank van Laecke.

Two other premieres are scheduled for 2006 - in April in Seoul and in August in Balzers in Liechtenstein. In January 2008 Dracula was performed in Rostock in Germany. In February 2009 Dracula returned to Hybernia Theater in Prague. Dracula was performed in Germany - Ettlingen (2010) and Halle (2011).

Dracula has been seen by more than two and half million people.

Several numbers from the musical have been translated by Thierry Sforza into the French language.

The CD of the musical’s soundtrack, released in the Czech Republic on the EMI record label, sold more than 250.000 copies.

The musical Dracula obviously has the potential to appeal to the audiences all over the world.