ProVox music publishing ltd. was founded in January 1996 as an independent music publishing company. The company is a member of the OSA (Copyright Protection Association – and its managing director, Jiří Paulů, is a member of the OSA supervisory board. ProVox music publishing is a member of the Czech Music Publishers Union –

The publishing house’s catalogue consists of, in addition to the works of numerous Czech composers and dozens of lyricists, the complete works of Karel Svoboda, one of the most successful Czech music composers ( In the Provox catalogue one can find both his songs and his extremely successful television and film musical productions – The Humberto Circus (Cirkus Humberto), Criminology Adventures (Dobrudružství kriminalistiky), Maya The Bee (Včelka Mája), Nils Holgersson, Tao Tao, Pi and Pa (Pi a Pa) and the internationally famous fairytale Three Nuts for Cinderella (Tří oříšky pro Popelku). The latter film’s feature song, Where’s Your Nest, Little Birdie (Kdepak ty ptáčku hnízdo máš), written by Jiří Štaidl, was ranked as the second most favourite film song for a survey taken in 1996 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czech cinematography. It is this very work that has opened the door for ProVox to customers all over the world.
In the Provox publishing catalogue you can also find the last project composed by Karel Svobodathe musical Golem (libreto by Lou Fanánek Hagen, screenplay by Zdeněk Zelenka, directed by Filip Renč) – accompanied by the release of the CD.

The company also represents the works of renowned international names such as German lyricist, producer and Grammy-award winner Dr. Michael Kunze (, American composer of Czech origin John Capek and French lyricist Thierry Sforza.

ProVox music publishing represents the publishing catalogue of the German company Filmkunst-Musikverlags-und Produktionsgesellschaft mbH ( in the Czech Republic.

ProVox is also extremely attractive for musical productions. Over the past few years the company has taken part in many successful Czech projects – disc recordings of the musicals Monte Cristo and Dracula, which have received several awards for reaching sales plateaus, and albums by Leona Machálková, Bohuš Matuš, which have gone gold and platinum several times. The company has a traditionally strong position in the production of film and television music – for both Czech and foreign producers. ProVox works on projects with the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra (

In recent years ProVox’s activities outside the Czech Republic included its work on recording selected melodies from the German and Flemish versions of the musical Dracula.

ProVox is the holder of the worldwide theatre rights for the musical Dracula by Karel Svoboda, Zdeněk Borovec and Richard Hes ( Soon after the great succes of Dracula in Prague (chief producer Egon Kulhánek), the musical was staged in its original Czech version in Bratislava and Prešov, Slovakia. In 1998 and 2000 Dracula was performed in Seoul in a Korean translation. In spring 2002 the musical was performed in Russian in Moscow. In 2004, ProVox performed this successful musical in cooperation with the Musical Theatre under the new directorial interpretation of director Maciej Korwin in the Polish version in Gdynia. Thanks to its new scenographic concept, the musical became included in this musical theatre’s regular repertoire of performances.
In April 2004 the German version of Dracula, whose author is the outstanding German lyricist Dr. Michael Kunze, opened in Western Europe.
The American singer Ethan Freeman shone in the musical’s starring role in Basle, Switzerland in April 2004 and in Tecklenburg, Germany in August 2004. Top German and Austrian musical stars shone along with him, including Eveline Suter, Florian Schneider, Michaela Christi, Patrick Biagioli and Kenneth Derby.
The largest German musical amphitheatre in Tecklenburg, with its rich tradition and huge popularity, hosted the musical in July and August 2004 for tens of thousands of enthusiastic viewers.
On 3 November 2005 the premiere of the Flemish version of Dracula was held in Antwerp (in a new production directed by Frank van Laecke) with the greatest Belgian singers – stars such as Hans Peter Janssens, Hilde Norga, Ann van den Broeck and Door van Boeckel. In 2006 Dracula was performed in Balzers (Liechtenstein) and, five years on, in Seoul again. In 2008 Dracula was performed in Rostock (Germany), in 2009-11 in Prague, in 2010 in Ettlingen and 2012 in Halle (Germany).

In 2004, the Karlín Musical Theatre was the venue for another musical work by the writing duo of Karel Svoboda and Jiří Štaidl entitled A Night at Karlstein (Noc na Karlštejně) in a new interpretation by director Petr Novotný. Lyricist Eduard Krečmar and scriptwriter Zdeněk Podskalský, jr. had a hand in the new version of the renowned work.
In the significance, popularity and frequency of works used from the company catalogue, ProVox is among the leading Czech independent music publishers.

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